ACT-Veterans Housing Initiative

In 2012, TSAHC created the Affordable Communities of Texas- Veterans Housing Initiative (ACT-VET) in partnership with Bank of America and the National Community Stabilization Trust.  This program provides renovated vacant homes to U.S. military veterans who are disabled and/or low or moderate income.  

Discounted Homes: We have a limited number of renovated homes available. They are available for sale at 25% off the listing price to U.S. military veterans or first responders who are low or moderate income. The discount is provided in the form of a second-lien deferred forgivable mortgage that requires no monthly payments. This means home buyers are only required to secure a mortgage for 75% of the listing price.  Veterans or first responders that are low-income and/or disabled are given a priority.

Eligibility Requirements

Click here to view the ACT-VET program eligibility requirements.

Properties for Sale

View a list of available properties here.

Application Process

TSAHC partners with a network of nonprofit housing organizations that manage the rehabilitation of the homes, market the homes, and find eligible home buyers.  TSAHC, in coordination with our local partners, will accept and review applications from potential home buyers.

Veterans who meet our eligibility requirements must fill out an application to participate in the ACT-VET program.   To obtain an application, veterans interested in one of our available properties should contact the local partner or broker listed on the Properties for Sale document linked here and above.

Information for Lenders

Unlike our Homes for Texas Heroes and Home Sweet Texas Home Loan programs, lenders do not need to apply with TSAHC to participate in the ACT-VET program. To purchase a discounted home through the ACT-VET program, an eligible veteran must obtain a pre-qualification letter from a lender for permanent financing in an amount not less than 75% of the listing price of the home.  Lenders may qualify veterans for a loan using their standard application and approval process.

For more information and to find out how to apply for the program, please contact David Danenfelzer at 512-477-3562 or via email at

The Donated Homes Program is no longer active.  Click here to read about the veterans who received a donated home.