Wells Fargo Employees Help Renovate Vacant Home

May 31, 2014

On Saturday, May 31st, Wells Fargo employees helped restore a vacant home in El Paso, Texas.The home will be sold or donated to an eligible veteran as part of TSAHC's  Affordable Communities of Texas- Veterans Housing Initiative (ACT-VET). In addition to committing employee volunteer hours, Wells Fargo previously awarded TSAHC a $75,000 grant to renovated foreclosed and vacant homes in El Paso as part of Wells Fargo's Leading the Way Home® Priority Markets Initiative.

TSAHC is partnering with local nonprofit El Paso Collaborative for Community and Economic Developerment to renovate homes and identify deserving families for the program in El Paso.

Below is a link to local news story covering the event:




Pictured above:  Wells Fargo employees help restore a vacant home that will be sold or donated to an eligible veteran.