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Meet the Team

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  • Executive Staff

    David Long

    Janie Taylor
    Executive Vice President 

    Melinda Smith
    Chief Financial Officer 

    Rebecca DeLeon
    Corporate Secretary

  • Homeownership Staff

    Joniel  LeVecque
    Director, Homeownership Programs

    Sarah Ellinor
    Senior Manager, Homeownership Programs  

    Frank Duplechain III
    Specialist, Homeownership Programs

    Tim Almquist
    Director, Single Family Compliance 

    Delia Davila
    Senior Manager, Single Family Compliance 

    Donnetta McGrew
    Manager, MCC Program

    Beth Culotta
    Specialist, Single Family Compliance

    Paul Kaegel
    Specialist, Single Family Compliance

    Monique McQueen
    Specialist, MCC Compliance

    Susan Parker
    Specialist, MCC Compliance 

    Heather Whittier
    Specialist, Single Family Compliance

    Kayla Gillaspy
    Single Family Compliance Coordinator

  • Multifamily and Single Family Development Staff

    David Danenfelzer
    Senior Director, Development Finance 

    Cassandra Ramirez
    Manager, Development Finance

    Erica Mitchell
    Development Finance Program Coordinator

  • Multifamily Oversight Staff

    James Matias
    Senior Manager, Asset Oversight and Compliance 

    Celina Mizcles Stubbs
    Senior Manager, Asset Oversight and Compliance 

    Estefania Linares
    Asset Oversight and Compliance Specialist

    Jesse Sepeda
    Lead Maintenance Technician

  • Communications, Fundraising and Government Relations Staff

    Katie Howard Claflin
    Director, Communications and Development 

    Michael Wilt
    Senior Manager, External Relations 

    Laura Ross
    Manager, Communications and Development

    Anna Orendain
    Specialist, Marketing and Communications

  • Accounting Staff

    Nick Lawrence

    Betsy Aldrich
    Senior Accounting Manager

    Cynthia Gonzales
    Senior Office and Loan Servicing Manager