Current Investment Opportunities

 At TSAHC, we consider our funders to be partners in our mission to serve the housing needs of low-income Texans. We take pride in our track record of putting our investors’ funds to efficient and effective use. TSAHC currently offers the following investment opportunities.  For more information on any of these investment opportunities, please contact Katie Howard Claflin or Laura Ross.

  • Texas Housing Impact Fund

    Through our Texas Housing Impact Fund, TSAHC provides short-term and long-term loans to housing developers seeking to build affordable housing in their communities. TSAHC provides flexible loan rates that can be combined with other sources of financing, which assists affordable housing developers facing insufficient credit availability in traditional markets.

    How will my investment be used?   TSAHC uses program revenue and private funding, including grants, donations, and program-related investments, to provide loans to local housing developers. Your investment in the Texas Housing Impact Fund will help TSAHC help a local developer create affordable housing for low-income families in Texas.  


    Read the Texas Housing Impact Fund Investment Report

  • Affordable Communities of Texas (ACT) Program

    ACT is Texas’ first statewide land bank and land trust program.  Through ACT, we acquire foreclosed and vacant properties from financial institutions, and then partner with local housing developers to turn these properties into affordable housing for working families.

    How will my investment be used?  Your investment will be used to purchase foreclosed properties from financial institutions and/or pay for maintenance costs until these properties can be sold or leased to low-income families. 

    Learn More about the Affordable Communities of Texas Program

  • Texas Foundations Fund

    Through the Texas Foundations Fund, TSAHC partners with other non-profit organizations to fund housing services that provide stability to very low-income families. Each year TSAHC selects partners through a competitive application process. Selected partners receive up to $50,000 in funding to support their housing programs. 

    How will my investment be used?  See below for examples of how your donation will directly help Texas families and individuals improve their lives and living conditions. TSAHC covers all administrative costs for the Texas Foundations Fund, which means 100% of your donation will support services like those listed below. 

    $25 Buys an adjustable shower seat for an elderly or disabled homeowner 
    $50 Buys a bathroom grab bar for an elderly or disabled homeowner 
    $100 Pays for an hour of mental health counseling for a family/individual
    $200 Pays to replace a door to secure a family's home
    $500 Pays for a year of case management to help a family/individual avoid homelessness 
    $1,000 Pays for a year of job training to help a family/individual become financially stable 
    $2,000 Pays to install a ramp for an elderly or disabled homeowner 
    $5,000 Pays to install a septic tank for a family/individual currently without indoor plumbing

    Learn More about the Texas Foundations Fund

  • Housing Connection

    TSAHC believes in the power of education and building capacity for our nonprofit housing partners. Through our Housing Connection, we help affordable housing and counseling organizations access trainings, promote themselves, build capacity as well as provide a network where best practices can be shared.

    How will my investment be used? Your donation will help provide education to nonprofits that prepare Texas families for homeownership.

    Learn More about Housing Connection