Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in our On the House blog.  We welcome the opportunity to include guest posts submitted by housing industry professionals.  However, we ask that you follow a few simple guidelines.

  1. TSAHC only accepts guest posts from housing nonprofits, mortgage companies, real estate companies, and other housing-focused organizations located within the United States.  We cannot accept blog posts from companies that do not have a focus on housing or freelance writers not affiliated with a housing-focused organization.
  2. Guest post topics may not be promotional in nature and must include content that is useful to our readers, which include home buyers, mortgage lenders, REALTORS®, developers and housing nonprofits.  Example topics include, but are not limited to:
    • Home buying tips and trends
    • Resources for existing homeowners
    • Tips for affordable housing developers
    • Rental housing trends and tips for renters
    • Home buyer and financial education tips and resources
    • Affordable housing policy
  3. Guest posts may not endorse or advocate for any policy issue or political candidate.
  4. Guest posts must be 400-600 words in length.
  5. All statistics, resources and images included in a guest post must be cited and linked appropriately.  Posts violating copyright laws will not be published. 
  6. TSAHC reserves the right to decline any post and to edit posts for clarity and grammar and to fit the style of our blog. 
How to Submit a Guest Post

If you meet our guest post author requirements and are interested in submitting a guest post, please email Laura Ross at  Your email should include:

  1. A brief description of your organization
  2. Your proposed blog topic
  3. A list of statistics, resources or images you wish to include in your post

We will contact you to approve and finalize the topic and timeline for publication. Once the topic is approved, guest posts must be submitted in a Word document at least three days before the publication date to allow time for review and edits.

Due to the high volume of guest post requests received, TSAHC is unable to accept every request.  Requests that do not include the information listed above will not be considered.