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Use this search feature to find a preferred  loan officer. Every loan officer on this list has helped at least four Texas families buy a home using TSAHC’s programs in the past year.

  1. Choose your county and hit the “Filter” button. 
  2. Contact a listed loan officer and inform them you'd like to qualify for TSAHC's program.
  3. The loan officer will walk you through the application process and if you are eligible, qualify you for TSAHC’s program.

You can also view Top Loan Officers in the state and by region, as well as all approved mortgage companies, by visiting the Find a Lender page. You must work with a loan officer employed by an approved mortgage company to use our programs.

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*DPA - Down Payment Assistance

*MCC - Mortgage Credit Certificate

We have no preferred loan officers for your county. But our Top Performing Loan Officers work statewide and can assist you. You can also contact any loan officer at one of these participating mortgage companies.

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