Targeted Areas Resources

TSAHC has created the following resources to help lenders, REALTORS and home buyers determine if a property is in a targeted area.  Home buyers purchasing in a targeted area receive the following benefits:

  • Down Payment Assistance (DPA) only: Higher income limits
  • Combo DPA/MCC or MCC Only:   Higher income limits and purchase price limits; waiver of first-time home buyer requirement. 

Please note that TSAHC is still using the 2010 census tract boundaries and targeted areas because the 2020 targeted areas have not yet been released. 

Targeted Areas Map

This map can help lenders, REALTORS and home buyers determine if a specific property address is in a TSAHC targeted area.  

Note: please wait a minute for the layers of the map to load before typing in the property address.

Targeted Areas Map

Additional Targeted Areas Resources

This PDF document provides a link to a Targeted Areas Lookup Tool, as well as a list of the 2010 targeted areas census tracts. 

Targeted Areas Lookup Tool and Census Tracts