Contract Compliance Services

Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation’s (TSAHC) Multifamily Oversight staff has years of experience performing reviews and audits of rental properties to ensure compliance with various state and federal housing programs, as well as providing compliance training to property managers. TSAHC offers the following services:

Eligibility File Reviews & Repairs

Evaluate and repair files to ensure compliance with Low Income Housing Tax Credit, Bond, HOME, Rural Development, HUD and State-specific affordability programs. 20% to 100% File Audits are provided to prepare for upcoming audits and/or to ensure compliance according to regulatory agreements. This service is recommended when properties have had a change in ownership, management, staff, or as needed. 

Asset Oversight Reviews

Recommended for properties that need a third party management review and physical inspection to ensure financial stability of a property. Services may include property inspection, review of policies and procedures, financials, and more, and can be tailored to focus on specific areas of concern. TSAHC will recommend ways to improve physical conditions, management policies, and staff performance.

Compliance Training

Can be adapted and modified to best serve the needs and experience of current or new property management personnel. Training topics include: eligibility, initial certifications, recertifications, student rules, income and rent limits, utility allowances, proper documentation, and common mistakes.

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For more information on our compliance services or to discuss your specific property's needs, please contact Celina Mizcles Stubbs at 512-334-2154 or James Matias at 512-334-2153.