November 29, 2018: Housing Connection Webinar

November 1, 2018

Housing Connection Webinar
Thursday, November 29, 2018

Understanding Special Project Campaigns - How to Create Fundraising Success
Presenter: Scott Caldwell – Founder and Owner, Caldwell Business Group

A special project campaign is an intensive, organized effort to secure major philanthropic gifts in support of a specific capital need or project.  With this, organizations must be very strategic and systematic in their approach to implementing an effective campaign.  Every step is crucial, from concept to implementation.  The negative results from a failed campaign can be devastating with regard to your reputation, relationships with donors and the overall health of your organization.

This one-hour workshop will outline important aspects to help you better understand how to ensure success in a special project campaign.  During our time together we will cover:

  • The unique characteristics of a special project campaign
  • Typical mistakes made in campaigns and how to avoid them
  • Pre-requisites for capital fundraising success
  • Effectively planning for a campaign
  • Roles and responsibilities in a campaign

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