Podcast Episode 25: How Affordable Housing is Made

July 22, 2022 | by Anna Orendain

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If you've been following TSAHC or our On The House podcast series, you'll likely be familiar with the fact that we are big fans of affordable housing. But have you ever wondered how affordable housing opportunities are created? Come and chat with us as our host Frank Duplechain III and David Danenfelzer, TSAHC's Senior Director of Development Finance, delve into the development side of the affordable housing industry!

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Meet Our Guest -- David Danenfelzer

David Danenfelzer currently serves as TSAHC's Senior Director of Development Finance, managing the programs that assist housing developers build more equitable communities through affordable housing, which includes TSAHC's Multifamily Tax Exempt Bond program, the Texas Housing Impact Fund, and the Affordable Communities of Texas land bank. 

With about twenty years of experience in the community development field, David enjoys using his career to find ways to improve the lives of others, build more sustainable communities, and expand housing options for lower income families. 

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