TSAHC Down Payment Assistance Calculator

Use this tool to explore the grant amount and interest rate that works best for you. The estimated monthly principal and interest payment is based on your selection and home sales price. The interest rates listed are current for our down payment assistance programs.

Based on your credit score, select from the grant assistance ranges below to estimate your mortgage interest rate.

Select Credit Range Grant Assistance % Interest Rate
620-639 There may be an origination fee 3% 5.625%
620-639 There may be an origination fee 4% 6.000%
620-639 There may be an origination fee 5% N/A%
640+ 3% 5.625%
640+ 4% 6.000%
640+ 5% N/A%
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Disclaimer: This tool is for informational purposes only. Down payment assistance amounts and rates for conventional loans and government loans (i.e. FHA, VA, or USDA) may vary. Contact a mortgage lender or real estate agent for a thorough analysis of your specific situation.