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You must work with a loan officer employed by an approved mortgage company to use our programs. The “Preferred” loan officers listed on our website have an in-depth knowledge of TSAHC's homeownership programs and provide top-notch service to Texas home buyers.

Top Performing Loan Officers

TSAHC recognizes the loan officers that have helped the most Texas families and are the most knowledgeable about our programs.

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Top Performing Loan Officers by Region

TSAHC also recognizes the loan officers in each region of Texas that have provided great customer service to home buyers using TSAHC’s programs. Use this map to find the top three loan officers in your region.

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Preferred Loan Officers By County

Only loan officers who helped at least four Texas families buy a home using TSAHC's programs in the past year are listed.

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Approved Mortgage Companies

This is a full list of mortgage companies approved to use our programs.