Lender Training

Lenders are required to participate in training in order to use TSAHC’s home buyer programs and to gain access to the TSAHC Lender Portal. Training is broken down into user-specific modules. Each training lasts approximately one hour.

  • Required Training Modules
    Module I – The Basics (Loan Officers and Underwriters)  
    This module covers program requirements, how to qualify a home buyer, how to make a reservation in the Lender Portal, and upload underwriter certifications. Module I Training:
    Module II – Compliance, Closing & Delivery (Processors and Closers)  
    This module provides more in-depth training on the TSAHC Lender Portal, including how to upload compliance packages, close and deliver loans to Lakeview Loan Servicing. Module II Training
    Module III – Master Servicer Delivery Processes (Closers and Shippers)  
    For DPA or DPA/MCC Loans Only: As of April 3rd, TSAHC transitioned to a new Master Servicer, Lakeview Loan Servicing. Files reserved on or after April 3rd will be delivered to Lakeview. Module III  Training
    Module IV - Managing TSAHC Programs & Credentials (Program Admin Training)  
    This module covers program administrator responsibilities, user training requirements, creating Lender Portal credentials, and commonly asked
    TSAHC admin questions.
    Module IV
  • Optional Trainings
    TSAHC DPA 3-Year Deferred Forgivable 2nd Lien Webinar - Avoid the Top 5 Error     
    Watch this webinar to learn more about TSAHC's 3-Year Deferred Forgivable 2nd Lien loan products. 3-Year Deferred Forgivable 2nd LIen Webinar
    MCC Program Training  
    This training will provide an overview of the Mortgage Credit Certificate Program. MCC Training
    Train the Trainer Program  
    Loan officers who attend this webinar will gain access to TSAHC's training materials to make presentations about TSAHC's home buyer programs. Train the Trainer Program
    TSAHC Lender Training - Avoid Top Errors  
    Watch this webinar to learn how to avoid the top errors that lenders make when using TSAHC's programs. Avoid Top Errors Webinar
    Compliance Q & A Training  
    A panel of TSAHC compliance staff along with representatives from Lakeview Loan Servicing and Freddie Mac address the most commonly asked questions related to TSAHC's programs and compliance processes. Compliance Q&A Training 
    Down Payment Assistance y Más: Resources to Better Serve Hispanic Home Buyers  
    In this webinar (conducted in English), we take a deeper dive into the state of Hispanic homeownership today. We discuss real and perceived barriers facing Hispanic households, as well as opportunities to increase Hispanic homeownership rates here in Texas.  Down Payment Assistance y Más: Resources to Better Serve Hispanic Home Buyers 
  • Short How-To Videos
    How to Interpret TSAHC Income Limits  
    Learn how to find and read our income limit chart for
    our DPA and MCC programs.
    How to Check Your Loan Status in the Lender Portal  
    Check to see what your loan status is in the Lender
    How to Make a New Reservation  
    Learn how to make a new reservation in the Lender
    How to Pull a Copy of Your MCC  
    Learn how to find a copy of your borrower's MCC in
    the Lender Portal. This can be emailed to them should
    they need a copy.
    How to Upload Compliance Documents in the Lender Portal  
    Learn how to upload pre and post-closing compliance packages for review to TSAHC. Video
    How to Pull Loan Documents from your file in the Lender Portal  
    Learn how to pull TSAHC loan documents from the lender portal. Video
    How to Access and Run TSAHC Program Reports  
    Learn how to pull reports about all the TSAHC loans in your pipeline. Video
  • Fair Lending/Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

    TSAHC requires all participating mortgage companies and loan officers to abide by all applicable federal and state fair lending requirements.  We recommend the following trainings and resources regarding fair lending and diversity, equity and inclusion best practices. 

    1. Mortgage Bankers Association Fair Lending Trainings
    2. Mortgage Bankers Association Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resource Center