Texas Foundations Fund

Through the Texas Foundations Fund, TSAHC partners with nonprofit organizations across Texas to assist very low-income households with a disability and/or located in a rural community.  To date TSAHC has invested more than $3.2 million to support the following:

  • Home repairs and accessibility modifications in owner-occupied homes
  • Supportive housing services, such as case management, mental health counseling and adult education, for households at risk of homelessness

2018 Funding Cycle

The 2018 Texas Foundations Fund nonprofit partners were approved for a two-year term by TSAHC’s Board of Directors on September 19, 2018. Each of the 24 partners was awarded a matching grant of $14,500 in 2018 for a total of $348,000 in award funding.

                                                             2018 Selected Partners


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