ACT Land Bank Services

As part of the Affordable Communities of Texas Land Bank program, we partner with housing organizations to redevelop properties which are sold or donated to TSAHC. In addition, TSAHC can help local governments manage local land banks and plan for new land bank efforts.

Benefits of our Texas land bank services include:

  • Priority access to redevelop homes held by TSAHC’s statewide land bank 
  • Short or long –term tax exemption on properties
  • Analysis of potential land bank sites to determine feasibility for redevelopment 
  • Consultation services to help plan and prepare for a local land banking initiative
  • Property management and oversight of redevelopment by local partners/developers
  • Assistance with building local nonprofit capacity for redevelopment activities
  • Financial assistance and lines of credit to help smaller developers begin construction activities

For more information on how TSAHC can help your organization or community, please contact David Danenfelzer at: [email protected], or by phone at 512-477-3562.

Land Bank Properties

More than 500 TSAHC properties statewide are being redeveloped by our local partners. Click on the markers below for more information about our portfolio of properties.

Click here to view a list of properties available for redevelopment or purchase.