ACT Land Trust

TSAHC was created with the unique power to hold land as tax-exempt in perpetuity. Housing that is part of a land trust partnership can provide long-term affordability for both homeownership and rental projects, by lowering the cost of taxes to the nonprofit, and eventually, to the home buyer or renter. We are currently accepting proposals from local nonprofits and governmental entities who want to provide alternatives to traditional affordable housing.

Benefits of our Texas land trust services include:

  • TSAHC can hold rental properties in trust, eliminating property taxes and ensuring affordability for low income renters. This applies to property that a partner already owns as well as property being considered for purchase.
  • TSAHC can hold land in trust while the local partner redevelops. Once improvements are sold, TSAHC can retain title to the land, thereby eliminating property taxes to the home buyer.

For more information on TSAHC's Land Trust services, please contact David Danenfelzer at: [email protected], or by phone at 512-477-3562.