First Time Home Buyer Grants in Texas

You can buy a house. We can show you how.

The Texas State Affordable Housing Corporation (TSAHC) is a nonprofit organization that was created by the Texas Legislature to help Texans achieve their dream of homeownership. We specialize in helping people buy a home for the first time.

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Your First Step

Your first step in the home buying process is to take our Eligibility Quiz. This short quiz will tell you if you qualify for our home buying programs and assistance. Once you have completed the quiz, we’ll help you find a lender, attend a course about buying a home, and find a REALTOR®.  

Eligibility Quiz

What is a “First-Time Home Buyer”?

We define “first-time home buyer” as any person or family who has not owned, or had an ownership interest in, a home within the past three (3) years. “Ownership interest” is defined as any person who is living in the home as his/her primary residence and who is listed on the Deed of Trust. For married couples, both spouses hold an ownership interest, even if only one is listed on the Deed of Trust. Being a first-time homebuyer allows you to take advantage of our Mortgage Credit Certificate program.

If you’re not a first-time home buyer, TSAHC can still help you buy a home!

Many of our programs are open to people who have already purchased a home. We love helping first-time homebuyers, but we also want to assist any eligible Texan afford a home of their own. If you currently own a home—or have owned a home in the past—there’s still a good chance we can help you. 

Down Payment Assistance (DPA): What Is It? 

If you qualify for our programs, TSAHC will provide you with a mortgage loan and funding to use for your down payment. You can choose to receive the assistance as a grant (which does not have to be repaid) or a deferred forgivable second lien loan (which only has to be repaid if you sell or refinance within three years) . If you’re eligible, you can essentially receive free money to help you buy a home. To qualify, you must have a credit score of 620 and meet certain income requirements.

Eligibility Quiz

Two Home Buyer Programs: Which is Right for You?

TSAHC’s mortgage loans with down payment assistance are offered through the following programs. You don’t have to be a first-time home buyer to use either program!

“Homes for Texas Heroes” Program

If you’re in a hero profession, this is the home loan program for you. Hero professions include:

  • Professional educators, which includes the following full-time positions in a public school district: school teachers, teacher aides, school librarians, school counselors, and school nurses 
  • Police officers and public security officers 
  • Firefighters and EMS personnel
  • Veterans or active military
  • Correction officers and juvenile corrections officers
  • Nursing faculty and allied health faculty

 “Home Sweet Texas” Home Loan Program

If you don’t qualify under one of the professions listed above, this is the best program for you. 

Eligibility Quiz

First-Time Home Buyers can also apply for a mortgage interest tax credit!

If you are buying your first home, you can apply for a mortgage interest tax credit known as a Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC). To qualify, you must meet certain income requirements and the home must meet certain sales price restrictions.

Learn more about Mortgage Credit Certificates

Ready to Start?

The first step to buying a home with our help is to take our Eligibility Quiz. This simple quiz takes only a few minutes to complete and will tell you what TSAHC programs you qualify for. 

If you are eligible, the quiz will then direct you to contact a participating lender in your area.  The lender will help you fill out the application. You will not submit anything directly to TSAHC. 

You will be required to complete an approved home buyer education course before closing on your home. We don’t require you to work with a specific REALTOR®, but you can also use this search tool to find a REALTOR® familiar with our programs. 

What People Are Saying About TSAHC's Programs

 “Buying a home is the biggest financial decision we’ve ever made, and we couldn’t have done it without the down payment grant we received from TSAHC.  I’m so grateful to loan officer Stacy Schriever and REALTOR® Debbie Patterson for introducing me to TSAHC’s programs, which made it possible for our family to finally purchase a home of our own.”
    -Felicia Bolton, Home Buyer


“TSAHC’s programs make homeownership possible for many Texas families.  I am proud to be a participating loan officer in TSAHC’s programs so I can help families like the Pilgrims achieve their lifelong dream of buying a home.”
    -Nicole Newton, Loan Officer with Prime Lending


"Buying a home can be overwhelming, but I feel very blessed with my experience. I am very grateful for the guidance that my loan officer Tina Chumley, and REALTOR® Chelcy Gilliland provided during the home buying process. I am also thankful for TSAHC, whose programs helped me buy a home in my neighborhood so my son didn’t have to change schools."
    -Ellie Moss, Home Buyer