For Renters

TSAHC owns and operates single family rental homes in Austin, San Antonio, Ft. Worth and Denton; as well as multifamily apartment units in Austin. To be eligible for our rental programs, households must meet specific income requirements, have a good rental history, and meet other basic eligibility requirements.

  • Single Family Rental Program

    TSAHC’s Single Family Rental Program provides households meeting certain eligibility requirements with affordable, below-market rental homes in Austin, San Antonio, Ft. Worth and Denton. Homes available through the program are all in areas with higher than average median incomes, with access to good schools, grocery stores and other services nearby. 

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  • Multifamily Rental Program

    TSAHC owns and operates the Rollins Martin apartment complex in East Austin. Rollins Martin consists of 15 three-bedroom apartment units, all of which are affordable for families earning at or below 60% of the area median family income. 

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