Get Ready: Making Texans Homeowners for Life

August 8, 2014 | by Katie Claflin

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Reasonably-priced homes and affordable mortgage products play an important role in helping Texas families purchase a home; however, they may not be enough to guarantee that home buyers become successful homeowners.

Buying a home is a major financial commitment, and home buyers who do not fully understand their financial circumstances are at risk of: 1) underestimating the true costs of owning a home, or 2) becoming victims of predatory lending practices.
To help prepare home buyers for the responsibilities of homeownership, TSAHC recommends that all Texans take a home buyer education course before buying a home.
What is home buyer education?

Home buyer education is a class, workshop, or online course that educates consumers about the process of buying and owning a home.

Who should take a home buyer education course?

1. First-time home buyers
2. Home buyers looking to qualify for a home buyer assistance program*
3. Anyone who wants to learn more about the process of buying a home

Why is homebuyer education important?

Studies show that homebuyers who attend a home buyer education class prior to purchasing a home are 33% less likely to fall behind on their mortgages compared to homebuyers who don’t.

*Additionally, most state and local home buyer assistance programs, including TSAHC’s, require home buyers to provide proof that they have taken a home buyer education course.

How can I find a home buyer education course in my community?

To find a home buyer education provider in your area, visit the Texas Financial Toolbox.  TSAHC created this free online resource specifically to help Texas consumers achieve their financial goals.

I’m a mortgage lender or Realtor®.  How can I promote home buyer education to my clients?

Earlier this year TSAHC teamed up with the Texas Association of Realtors® (TAR) to promote the benefits of home buyer education through a public awareness campaign titled "Get Ready: Making Texans Homeowners for Life." Click here to learn more about the campaign and access materials, such as banners and radio ads, to help you promote the benefits of home buyer education.

TSAHC has also created a brochure you can use to promote home buyer education and help your clients learn how to identify a quality home buyer education class.  For a copy of the brochure, click here (PDF). These brochures can also be requested free of charge by contacting Paige Omohundro at [email protected] or (512) 477-3561.

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