New Income Limits Allow More People to Qualify for Down Payment Assistance

October 1, 2021 | by Katie Claflin

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We’re excited to announce that beginning today October 1st, TSAHC increased the income limits for our down payment assistance programs.  This is big news for us and will allow us to better meet our mission and serve more home buyers through our programs. 

We know many home buyers may have questions about this exciting announcement, so we’ve compiled a list of most frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that’s not included, please contact our homeownership team at [email protected]

What is an income limit?

To qualify for our programs, your income must be less than a certain amount.  This requirement ensures we are helping home buyers who need our programs the most. The amount, which changes based on the county you live in, is known as the income limit. 

How much did the income limits increase? 

We increased the income limits for our down payment assistance programs from 115% of the area median family income (AMFI) to 125% AMFI.  In practical terms, that means the income limit increased between $8,000 and $11,000, depending on where you live. 

Here’s a list of the new income limits for the major metro areas in Texas:

  • Houston: $99,000 (increased from $91,080)
  • San Antonio: $99,628 (increased from $91,657)
  • Fort Worth: $101,000 (increased from $92,920)
  • Dallas: $111,250 (increased from ($102,350)
  • Austin: $123,625 (increased from $112,735)

Take TSAHC’s eligibility quiz to see if you meet the new qualifications. The quiz will reflect the individual income limits for each county in Texas. 

Why did TSAHC increase its income limits?

According to the real estate listing service Zillow, home prices have increased more than 18% since July 2020. Due to the dramatic rise in home prices, many families that may not have needed our programs before now need some assistance with their down payment and closing costs.  

Increasing our income limits helps us address this need head on and ensure that more Texans have the opportunity to become homeowners. 

Will this affect TSAHC’s ability to still serve lower income households?

No. The current funding source for TSAHC’s down payment assistance options is unlimited, so we can serve as many home buyers as qualify for our programs.  That also means there’s no chance we’ll run out of funds for our down payment assistance. 

How do I apply for TSAHC's down payment assistance?

The first step is to take the eligibility quiz (which is updated to reflect our new income limits).  If you qualify, you’ll be provided a list of participating lenders in your area.  Simply reach out to them and tell them you’d like to use TSAHC’s programs.  Your lender will confirm that you meet the requirements and provide you with all the paperwork for your mortgage loan and down payment assistance. 

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Hi Shelley, income limits are not the same for all Texas down payment assistance programs. We like to think that our income limits are some of the most generous across the state, but we’d recommend comparing your local and statewide programs to see all of your options!

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Are income limits the same on all Texas down payment assistance programs?

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