Podcast Episode 20: Protect Your Home. Have an Estate Plan

November 12, 2021 | by Anna Orendain

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Our homes are one of the largest assets that most of us will ever have. But if you don’t have a clear estate plan in place, your heirs could have difficulty documenting their ownership of the property. In this episode, we interview Crystal Requejo with the Mexican American Unity Council to discuss the importance of estate planning and provide some estate planning tips for homeowners.

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Meet Our Guest—Crystal Requejo

Crystal Requejo is currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer of the Mexican American Unity Council (MAUC). With 13 years of experience at MAUC, she is passionate about working in the nonprofit realm and helping the members of her community. 

Incorporated in 1967, MAUC aims to gratuitously provide counseling and educational programs to Mexican American volunteer groups and leaders. After its founding, MAUC quickly established itself as a leader in advocating for the needs of their community. 

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