Podcast Episode 31: Housing Vouchers and Homeownership

November 17, 2023 | by Anna Orendain

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Housing voucher programs are well known for their successes in helping households across the country secure affordable rental housing. But did you know that housing vouchers can be used towards a mortgage payment on a home? Join us as we sit down with Alyson Griffin, Branch Manager with Cross Country Mortgage, to discuss how housing vouchers can help families build generational wealth through homeownership.

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Meet Our Guest—Alyson Griffin

In her 30+ years in the mortgage business, Alyson has weathered changing markets, changing regulations and changing processes. She's used these challenges to become a stronger mortgage professional and champion for her clients. Recognized as a “go to” expert in her field, she has earned a reputation for integrity and solution-oriented thinking. With a track record of closing difficult and outside the box loans, she makes her clients feel secure during the loan process and confident that they will close on time.

Alyson is based in the Houston area and has made it her mission to stay educated about the mortgage industry. She is a big believer in team work, getting her clients on board through effective education so she can work with them as a team until the keys are in their hands.

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