Podcast Episode 5: The Pre-Approval Process

June 15, 2020 | by Anna Orendain

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What goes into calculating a pre-approval? Do you know your DTI ratios? Join Connie Tharp with Hometrust Mortgage and TSAHC’s very own Joniel LeVecque as we discuss the process of finding a lender, how mortgage companies look at credit, and the home prices you should consider. 

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Meet Our Guest—Connie Tharp

A top TSAHC participating lender and a member of our Lender Advisory Council, Connie Tharp excels at helping homebuyers through the pre-approval process. Starting as a bank teller in 1997, she has a vast experience in banking and lending. Connie has been a loan officer since 2005 and currently works with Hometrust Mortgage.

Coming from a family of educators, Connie decided early in her career to become knowledgeable about TSAHC’s down payment assistance programs to help the heroes of her community to achieve homeownership. Connie is located in the Houston, TX area, where she lives with her fur baby, Booboo the Shih Tzu.

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Hi David, thank you for your feedback.  These are all very important topics. While we do not address them all in this episode, we will address them in other episodes released later this month.
You can find all of our episodes here: https://www.tsahc.org/blog/category/podcast

David Mozingo

A lot missing:

REALTOR can help you find a lender vs look online.
Co-signer helps ratios.
Don’t ever be more than “30 days” late on payments. 60 days even worse.
How raise your credit score?
How credit scores affect you.
Down payment comes from you. How much? Loan? Grant?
Sellers can pay closing costs for you. REALTOR can assist you in making this part of your offer.

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