Recapping Housing Connection 2023

October 6, 2023 | by Anna Orendain

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Last week, we hosted our 2023 Housing Connection training, which provides training opportunities for nonprofit housing counselors and affordable housing developers from across Texas. Attendees use our trainings to develop their skills in home buyer education, financial literacy, eviction prevention, foreclosure prevention, and developing affordable housing in their communities. 

By contracting with NeighborWorks America and fundraising to cover the cost of the trainings, TSAHC is able to provide high-quality, in-demand coursework at no cost to participants. 

This year's training event, which took place September 25-29 in Austin offered the following three courses:

  • HO211: Credit Counseling for Maximum Results
    This course provided homeownership counselors with the knowledge and skills they need to analyze credit profiles and determine the impact of specific credit behaviors on the credit scoring models used today. It's a must for the new or experienced counselor who is looking for tools to make credit counseling sessions more structured, efficient and productive.
  • AH115: Using the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Program
    This introduction to low-income housing tax credits covered various IRS regulations, including 70%/30% present value credit, method of discounting, eligible basis, qualified basis, and adjusted basis. Participants learned about syndication, ownership structure, and negotiating equity proposals.
  • AH121: Real Estate Finance Nuts and Bolts
    Participants learned basic real estate financial terms and basic principles of financing real estate. They examined the concept of loan amortization and the American mortgage lending system for rental and home ownership. They also learned to use spreadsheets to make basic financial calculations of loan payments; interest rates; present and future values of investments/loans; and the APR. 

We had 21 graduates from the HO211 course, 26 graduates from the AH115 course, and 23 graduates from the AH121 course. Overall, these graduates represent 21 organizations across 15 cities.

We'd like to thank the generous sponsors who made this training possible. Thanks to supporters like PNC and Texas Community Bank, we were able to cover the hotel costs for out-of-town attendees and cover the cost of the training for all course graduates.

We offer Housing Connection training every year. For the past several years, we've offered courses designed for both housing counselors and nonprofit affordable housing developers, and we intend to continue that. If you're interested in attending training in the future, we typically open up registration in mid-summer. For more information about Housing Connection, click here

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