Focusing on Housing Resources for Students and Teachers as the School Year Starts

August 18, 2023 | by Michael Wilt

As students and teachers return to school and look forward to the academic year ahead, we're taking a look back and recapping our coverage of the unique housing issues and resources that pertain to those in the classroom.  

housing resources for college students

Last year, we turned our attention to college students and their rising housing cost burden facing students living both on and off campus. Increases in housing costs are particularly problematic for students because it can lead to poor academic performance due to uncertainty and anxiety.

In recognition of this, colleges across Texas and the country have expanded resources such as emergency grants and food and housing assistance to help support students struggling with living costs. Cost burdened students should check out these helpful resources: Texas Student Housing, US Department of Education, and examples of housing resource centers from the University of North Texas and Texas A&M University - San Antonio.  

housing affordability near major universities 

Students struggling with housing costs should come as no surprise given how high average rental rates are near Texas' top universities. It's an issue we covered in this post citing a RENTCafé study. High housing costs aren't unique to urban areas like Austin, Dallas, and Houston either, as average rents near Baylor University and Texas A&M University far exceed the average rents in Waco and College Station respectively. 

buying a home with student loan debt (podcast episode)

For many Texans, housing challenges may persist beyond graduation because of student loan debt. That's why we invited Aubrey Miller Aubrey Miller with the Q&A Mortgage Team at Cardinal Financial to our podcast to break down everything you need to know about applying for a mortgage when you have student loan debt.

recognizing our teachers

Our teachers are a constant source of inspiration as they work tirelessly to keep kids educated, healthy, and engaged. In this entry, we recognize how inspiring they are and how we honor them through our Homes for Texas Heroes program. This program provides down payment assistance and mortgage interest tax credits to help teachers and other community heroes buy a home in the community they serve.  

But it's not only teachers that can use the program. Teacher aides, school librarians, counselors, and full-time school nurses are also eligible for home buying assistance.

Whether you're one of the education professionals above, a teacher, or a student, we hope your academic year is a successful one! 

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