TSHEP: An Inside Look

August 15, 2014 | by Katie Claflin

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Last week, 50 nonprofit housing counselors gathered in Austin to receive professional development training through the Texas Statewide Homebuyer Education Program (TSHEP). TSHEP is the only statewide continuing education program specifically for Texas housing and financial counselors. 

TSAHC contracted with NeighborWorks America to provide the following courses: Lending Basics for Homeownership Counselors, Credit Counseling for Maximum Results, and Building Skills for Financial Confidence.  These courses were specifically requested by counselors and will help them continue to provide high quality education to Texas consumers.

The pictures below provide an inside look into last week's training.

Pictured to the left: NeighborWorks America instructor John Little addresses the participants of his Lending Basics for Homeownership Counselors class. This course is designed to introduce homeownership counselors to the basic procedures involved in first mortgage lending.



Pictured below: Counselors work together to complete a group assignment as part of the Lending Basics for Homeownership Counselors course.  

Pictured to the right:  Counselors discuss and record each step of the home buying process.


Pictured below: NeighborWorks instructor Yves Mombeleur discusses the different aspects of credit reporting during the Credit Counseling for Maximum Results course. 

Pictured to the left: Roy Lopez, VP of Community Development Lending at Capital One, makes a lunchtime presentation to the counselors on Capital One's commitment to housing and financial education. TSAHC received a $10,000 grant from Capital One to support the August training session.

Pictured below: Dana Edgerton, TFEE Grant Coordinator, makes a presentation to the counselors on the Texas Financial Education Endowment (TFEE). TSAHC received a $30,000 TFEE grant to support the 2014 TSHEP training sessions.


Pictured to the right: Liz Bayless, TSAHC Executive Vice President, thanks and applauds Dana Edgerton and Roy Lopez for their support and informative presentations to the counselors.






TSAHC would like to thank our funders, participating housing counselors and NeighborWorks instructors for helping make this TSHEP training so successful!  For more information about TSHEP and other educational opportunities provided by TSAHC, click here.

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