Permanent Financing Loans

Our permanent financing loan provides funds that can be used towards the development, acquisition, or rehabilitation of affordable multifamily projects. Loan terms and rates are flexible depending on the size, scope and specific needs of your project.

Application Process

Developers interested in applying for funding must first schedule a meeting with TSAHC staff to discuss their project.  TSAHC staff will provide a link to the application materials after the meeting if the project is determined to be a good fit based on program guidelines and funding availability.

Schedule a Meeting with the Impact Fund Team

Developers are highly encouraged to review the policies and guidelines for the loan product type requested prior to the meeting with TSAHC staff. 

**PLEASE NOTE: Applications and other information submitted to TSAHC is subject to the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, and may be subject to disclosure to the public.

Permanent Financing Loan Success Story

The Willows | Austin, Texas

The Willows is a 64-unit multifamily complex in Austin, Texas. TSAHC provided a 15-year, $1.2 million construction loan to the Mary Lee Foundation, and the organization leveraged TSAHC funding to receive additional funding from the Federal Home Loan Bank and the City of Austin. The Mary Lee Foundation, founded in 1963 by Charlene Crump, inspires and involves persons with disabilities through programs, advocacy, and education.