An Interview with Celina Mizcles

August 22, 2014 | by Katie Claflin

Categories: Affordable Housing, Multifamily Oversight

TSAHC is proud to introduce the newest member of our team, Celina Mizcles.  Celina joined TSAHC on August 1st as our newest Senior Multifamily Analyst.  In this role, she is responsible for ensuring that all multifamily properties financed by TSAHC continue to provide safe, decent and affordable housing to their residents.

Below is an interview with Celina to help you get to know her a little better.  

1. Tell us a little bit about your experience in housing.
I have worked in the housing industry for more than eight years. For the past seven years I have conducted onsite reviews of multifamily properties specifically to ensure compliance with federal and state housing programs.

2. What do you consider to be your greatest accomplishment?
My greatest accomplishment was crossing the finish line of my first half marathon. To date, it has been the toughest physical challenge of my life. It is a day and experience I will never forget, and it has inspired me to push myself even further.   

3. What excites you the most about your new job?
What excites me the most about working with TSAHC is the opportunity to grow professionally. This organization is staffed with an amazing group of professionals whose overarching goal is to provide decent, safe and affordable housing to Texans.  I am excited to be a part of this dedicated group.

4. Who is your role model, and why?
My parents. I strive to be like them every day. They have paved the way for my siblings and I to become the best versions of ourselves and to always do the right thing.  

5. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, watching live music, and attending sporting events, especially UT Longhorn games!

6. If Hollywood made a movie about your life, who would you want to play you and why?
Reese Witherspoon. I appreciate the spark she brings to her characters, and really enjoyed her role in Sweet Home Alabama.

7. Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
I am a motivated person who believes in teamwork. I am always available to share my knowledge regarding compliance monitoring with anyone that may have questions, because together we can help ensure that Texans can access housing that is both safe and affordable. Please feel free to email me with any questions.

Also, through my work experience, I have been lucky enough to visit several areas of Texas that I might not have visited otherwise. In addition to helping low-income families get the housing assistance they need, I have been fortunate to experience the diverse art, culture, history, and delicious food that Texas has to offer.

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