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Home Buyer Blog Series, Volume 1: Meet Ann and Doug Foxworth

June 1, 2015 | by Katie Claflin

Categories: Affordable Housing, First Time Buyer, Homeownership

June is National Homeownership Month, and to celebrate, TSAHC is doing a special blog series every Monday in June.  For the next four Mondays, TSAHC will share the story of a family or individual who used our programs to purchase a home.

And on Monday, June 29th, TSAHC will announce the five winners of our Mortgage-Free Monday raffle. Each of the lucky winners will receive one month's mortgage payment courtesy of TSAHC. 

Meet Ann & Doug Foxworth

To kick off our home buyer blog series, TSAHC has created a short video to share the story of Ann and Doug Foxworth. The Foxworths are a retired couple who also happen to be visually impaired.  They were living in a rental home, but they were forced to move because their landlord wanted to sell the home. TSAHC's home buyer programs helped them purchase a home that meets their needs in a quiet, well established neighborhood in north Austin.

"TSAHC provided us with money to help us with the down payment and closing costs... otherwise we could not have come up with the money ourselves.  We're very grateful for the help that we received."

-Ann and Doug Foxworth

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Laura Ross

Hi Sara, The best way to get started with TSAHC’s home buyer programs is to take our eligibility quiz which can be found at If the results indicate you might qualify (we do require a credit score of 620 or higher for our down payment assistance), the next step is to contact one of TSAHC’s approved lenders. A list of approved lenders can be found here:


Hello me and my husband are trying to get a home together for us in our 8 children..I’m currently on Section 8 but no longer want to be on government assistance..but he is on child support and has a little back pay will that affect him trying to get a home for us. This will be the first time we are trying to buy a home.

Joe Mata

this video was very well put together and i am so happy for them to get a home
this is the american dream come true

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