Homeownership Month and the Benefits of the Mortgage Credit Certificate

June 3, 2022 | by Anna Orendain

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Because June is National Homeownership Month, we want to recognize the impact that homeownership can have on Texans. Here at TSAHC, we know that a home is more than just walls, doors, and windows. Homes serve as a refuge where families can grow together to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

In fact, owning a home is such a significant achievement that many would consider it a pivotal part of the American Dream. But in a housing market with soaring prices and developers struggling to keep up with demand, we realize how important it is to preserve the affordability of homes.

One of our favorite ways for home buyers to save money is the Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC). The MCC is a mortgage interest tax credit that saves home buyers money on their federal income taxes every year for the life of the mortgage loan. Because the tax credit refunds a portion of a home buyer’s mortgage interest, it also effectively reduces their mortgage interest rate!

TSAHC offers MCCs to first-time home buyers through our Home Sweet Texas Home and Homes for Texas Heroes loan programs. If you’re interested in an MCC and are curious about our definition of a first-time home buyer, click here.

But if you’re anything like us, you’ll likely have a few questions about anything tax-related, including the MCC. That’s why we’ve created the resources below to help explain the MCC and its benefits.


MCC Program Overview 

This quick video explains how an MCC lowers a home buyer's federal income taxes.

MCC Tax Savings Calculator

This handy tool (also available here) helps home buyers calculate their cumulative tax savings with an MCC.

TSAHC Eligibility Quiz

Want to know how to get started? We recommend beginning with our Eligibility Quiz, which helps direct you toward the TSAHC programs best suited to your situation. The quiz will also guide you on the next steps of the home buying process, including contacting a TSAHC-Approved Lender. 

Home Buyer FAQ Articles

Do you have a question about the MCC or our homeownership programs in general? Our FAQ database features answers to the many questions we get about our home buyer offerings.


Live MCC Training

Join us on June 22, 2022 to learn how our MCC program can help more home buyers qualify for a mortgage. The webinar will include a live Q&A so bring your questions! To register, click here.

On-Demand MCC Training

If you’re a loan officer or a REALTOR® and would like to learn more about Mortgage Credit Certificates, you can find our MCC Training video here.

MCC Flyer

Looking for a fillable flyer to hand out to clients? Our newly updated MCC flyer offers some quick facts about MCC benefits and how to apply.

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