Housing and its Effect on our Health

May 18, 2018 | by Laura Ross

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The quality of a person’s housing can have a significant impact on their health.

The Urban Health Collaborative of Drexel University in conjunction with the Home Preservation Initiative recently conducted a study to monitor the effects of housing conditions on residents’ physical and mental health. The study evaluated residents before and after receiving home repairs specifically to understand the impact of the repairs in improving the residents’ health.

After interviewing several residents in the Mantua neighborhood of west Philadelphia, the study found that the residents’ health was negatively affected when their home was in disrepair. Many of the residents lived in homes with structural issues, such as roofs and windows that needed to be replaced, and flooring that needed to be repaired. These issues led to physical ailments such as reduced mobility, respiratory issues and injuries. Their unsafe living conditions also affected the residents’ mental health, leading to depression, anxiety and a weaker sense of community.

After repairs on several homes were completed, however, residents reported a reduction in stress and an improvement in the mood of the community. Residents were able to live more comfortably in their homes, and there was a reduction in the physical and mental strain the disrepair of their homes had caused.

How TSAHC Helps

Recognizing the importance of home repairs in improving physical and mental health, TSAHC offers two programs to fund home repairs provided  by local nonprofit organizations.

Texas Foundations Fund

Through the Texas Foundations Fund, TSAHC provides matching grants to support critical home repairs and supportive housing services. To be eligible for a grant, nonprofits must serve very low-income households with a disability and/or located in a rural community. 

The 2018 Funding Cycle is currently open, with applications due back by June 1st. More information can be found by clicking here.

The HEART Program

The Housing and Economic Assistance to Rebuild Texas (HEART) Program was created by TSAHC and Enterprise Community Partners to provide grants and technical assistance to nonprofits providing housing assistance to families displaced or otherwise affected by Hurricane Harvey. Grants are available for housing repairs and other housing programs that help families rebuild their lives after the storm.

Applications for funding under the HEART Program are currently being accepted. For more information on the program and application process, please click here.

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Adam Reed

It’s true that housing can have a positive or negative impact on your health. It is a good idea for homeowners to make sure that they make any necessary repairs. Huge issues, such as foundation problems or a damaged roof can harm the house as a whole and thus negatively affect the homeowner’s health.

Zak Gibson

The Hurricane has destroyed everything and the HEART program is doing the best to overcome the calamity. I appreciate it and wish you great success on your future endeavors.

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