Introducing New Tools to Help Explain the Benefits of a Mortgage Credit Certificate

February 15, 2019 | by Michael Wilt

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It's tax season which means this is the time of year we like to promote our Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program. In simplest terms, the MCC is a mortgage interest tax credit that saves home buyers on their federal income taxes every year. MCCs are available to first-time home buyers who are eligible for either our Homes for Texas Heroes or Home Sweet Texas Home Loan Programs. 

If you're like us, you probably have a lot of questions when it comes to something tax-related. That's why we created new MCC tools that help explain the tax benefits of an MCC to home buyers.  

MCC Tax Savings Calculator

The below tool (available here) helps home buyers calculate their cumulative tax savings with an MCC.









MCC Program Overview Video 

The below video explains how an MCC lowers a home buyer's federal income taxes.

The calculator and program overview video are both available on our MCC web page.
MCC Training Video 
In addition to the above, we also created the below training video to educate lenders and REALTORS® about how the MCC program works and its benefits. This video is available on our MCC training web page
More Information About the MCC Program
If you're familiar with our MCC program, you may know that there's a credit rate associate with it. That rate is the percentage of mortgage interest a home buyer can claim as the tax credit. The credit rate is equal to 20% of the annual mortgage interest paid. 
If you still have questions about the MCC program or want more information about it, we encourage you to read these previous On The House entries: "Why Every First-time Home Buyer Should Ask About a Mortgage Credit Certificate" and "Why We Love Tax Season" (one of our favorites). 

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Hello Dacquan,

Thank you for your interest in TSAHC assistance programs. The best way to get started with our program is to visit and take our eligibility quiz. Once you do that, if the result indicates you qualify (we do require a credit score of 620 or higher for our grant), the next step is to contact one of the approved lenders listed on our website.  Only our approved lenders can offer our programs as they are trained as experts in helping homebuyers navigate submitting the required documents and loan application.

We do not take any applications or documents from borrowers directly but rather work behind the scenes training our approved loan officers to work with potential borrowers.  Just call or email one of our approved loan officers and say you found their name on TSAHC’s website and would like to find out more about using our down payment assistance (DPA) grant and/or mortgage credit certificate (MCC) program.  The loan officer will take it from there, help you get started and answer all your questions!

1.        Here’s the eligibility quiz:
2.        Here’s our approved lenders by county:

3.          Here’s our Program Frequently Asked Questions:

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