Podcast Episode 2: Get Educated on the Home Buying Process

June 4, 2020 | by Katie Claflin

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Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions most of us will ever make. Fortunately, there are nonprofit resources that can help guide you through the process.  Franky Bonilla with Supreme Lending joins TSAHC’s Sarah Ellinor to provide an overview of the home buying process and instructions on how to find a home buyer education provider.

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Note: While this episode was recorded in early 2020 prior to the COVID-19 crisis, the information is still accurate.

Meet Our Guest-- Franky Bonilla

Franky Bonilla is a bilingual Sr. Producing Manager at Supreme Lending and has been recognized as one of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals’ (NAHREP) top 13 Hispanic mortgage professionals for the past four years. With 16 years of mortgage experience and over 300 residential mortgage loans closed each year, he is well-respected not only for his track record, but for his relentless pursuit of innovation in the mortgage industry.

Franky has made it his goal to impact communities and families for the better, and aims to improve the quality of life for the homeowners, agents, developers, and communities that he comes into contact with. Mr. Bonilla lives in Houston with his wife, Carmen, and his three sons.

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Hi Richard,  while talking to a nonprofit financial counselor itself will not impact your credit positively or negatively, they make may specific recommendations to help you improve your credit score.  We recommend speaking with them directly on how their recommendations would affect your credit score.

Richard Villarreal

Great info from Mr. Bonilla, nice to hear from from a Loan Officer, especially what is considered on Debt to Income ratio.
-Question:  If a financial counselor is used for help from texas financial tool box, would that show up on credit report and impact credit score or have a negative impact?

Tami Gardner

Great importation!!! Thank you so much.  Community Outreach Housing is starting a home education program for first time home buyers .  Thank you for help us get what we need to bring education to our community.  So many people have no idea all the steps it takes to buy a home.  The happy dance is closer than they can imagine.  We will hold their hands and walk with them.

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