Reflecting on Homeownership Month and Introducing our Newest MCC Training

June 24, 2022 | by Anna Orendain

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For Americans, a home is more than just a unit, building, or piece of property. For many, a home is a place of comfort and security they can call their own.

As National Homeownership Month comes to an end, we thought we’d take a moment to recognize the impact that that this month-long celebration has had on the state of homeownership in America. 

After all, as stated by National Today, most American families had no way of purchasing a home in the 1800s since mortgages remained uncommon until after the National Bank Acts of the 1860s. 

And when the U.S. government passed the G.I. Bill of 1944, which provided subsidized mortgages to World War II veterans, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968, which banned discrimination in housing based on religion, race, gender, and nationality, the U.S. housing industry became what we’re familiar with today.

So, where does Homeownership Month come into the picture? This month-long celebration initially began as National Homeownership Week in 1995, as part of the Clinton administration’s plan to increase homeownership throughout the country. It wasn’t until 2002, under President George W. Bush, that the celebration was expanded to take place during all of June. 

We love Homeownership Month because it not only recognizes the long-lasting impact that homeownership can have on families, it also emphasizes the belief that homeownership is part of the American Dream.


In a study recently highlighted by Down Payment Resource, analysts found that 33% of declined mortgage loan applications were eligible for home buyer assistance programs like those offered at TSAHC. In fact, this same study found that many of the declined loan applications could have been recovered with the help of home buyer assistance options, such as down payment assistance (DPA) or Mortgage Credit Certificates (MCC). 

Last year, we spent National Homeownership Month highlighting the benefits of down payment assistance. If you missed last year’s resources the first time around or if you’d just like to refresh your knowledge, you can find that information by clicking here.

This year, we’ve focused on the wonderful benefits of the MCC for our Homeownership Month celebration. Most recently, we hosted a live training and Q&A session for lenders and REALTORS®, which highlighted the ways that an MCC can effectively lower a borrower’s interest rate and help them more easily qualify for a mortgage loan. To view a recording of the recent MCC training click here. To view all of our 2022 Homeownership Month resources, click here

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