Texas Foundations Fund Helps Texans Achieve Their Dreams

September 19, 2014 | by Katie Claflin

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September is an exciting time for the Texas Foundations Fund. On Thursday, September 25th, TSAHC’s Board of Directors will meet to consider and approve the 2014 Texas Foundations Fund awards.  These awards will support nonprofit housing programs that provide stability to Texas families and give them the resources to achieve their dreams.

With the 2014 award announcements around the corner, we would like to share with you some of the remarkable success stories made possible through our 2013 awards. For a full list of 2013 nonprofit awardees, click here.

Ivory’s Story
Nonprofit Partner: LifeWorks
Austin, Texas

After living through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Ivory became homeless and disconnected from her family. Although she was still a teenager, she had only sporadic involvement with Child Protective Services. She moved to Houston, where she lived on family friends’ couches. At 18, she ended up in Austin with no place to stay.

Ivory enrolled in LifeWorks Transitional Living Program, where she received life skills such as budgeting and psychiatric support services. Ivory was then notified that she qualified for the Permanent Supportive Housing program funded by TSAHC. She now has an affordable apartment with her own bathroom and a door she can lock.

Through LifeWorks, Ivory has been able to access many services that have helped her reunite with her family and put her on the path to success. She just finished her first year at Austin Community College where she is earning her Associate Degree in psychology. When she graduates, she plans to attend Prairie View A&M University for her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology.

Because of the stability and opportunities offered through LifeWorks Permanent Supportive Housing program, Ivory states that she is, “becoming an adult and getting things done.”

The Huerta Family’s Story
Nonprofit Partner: Motivation, Education and Training, Inc.
Raymondville, Texas

Rosa and Margarito Huerta are raising three teenagers: Paola, Alejandro, and Julio. Rosa has been working the bean fields in Unionville, Michigan for the past six years. Margarito was a farmworker for ten years prior to becoming disabled in 2004 due to a medical condition.

The family purchased a lot in 2003, and a year later started to build their own home. The Huertas put a lot of sweat equity into building a small wood frame house that consisted of a living room, kitchen and bedroom. The family takes great pride in their home.





 Huerta Family Home, Before Repairs

In recent years, they have made a couple of additions to the house, but have been unable to secure enough money to complete all necessary        Huerta Family Home, After Repairs
repairs or upgrades. 

Additionally, the home was not big enough for a
family of five.                                                                

With an award from the Texas Foundations Fund, MET was able to make several critical repairs to  help the Huerta family live safely and comfortably in their home. They constructed walls to convert part of the large open room into two bedrooms with additional closets for much needed storage space in the house. The Huerta teens are very happy about having their own bedrooms! 

The Huerta family has expressed an immense appreciation for all of the repairs that were done to their house. People in the community have been giving them compliments on how nice the house looks. Rosa has also noticed a big difference now that insulation has been installed. The house feels much more comfortable during the cold winter days.

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