Texas Foundations Fund Helps Texans Rebuild their Lives

February 6, 2015 | by Katie Claflin

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Next week TSAHC's Board of Directors will meet to consider and approve publishing a draft of the 2015 Texas Foundations Fund Guidelines for public comment.  The public comment period gives potential applicants and other stakeholders an opportunity to review our eligibility requirements and provide comment to improve the program. It is anticipated that the 2015 application round will open in April.

With the 2015 application round right around the corner, we wanted share a couple of inspiring success stories submitted by two of our recent awardees.


Marie’s Story
Nonprofit Partner: Interfaith Action of Central Texas (iACT)

Marie’s husband Ollie passed away in 2012 after a three year battle with dementia. Marie and Ollie were high school sweethearts, and losing him felt like losing a lifetime of partnership.

Not long after her husband passed away, Marie applied for housing assistance under iACT’s Hands on Housing home repair program. It was clear that she needed help immediately. In her preliminary application, she requested some carpentry repair on her front porch, but unbeknownst to her, her electrical system was severely deteriorated, and her hot water heater was venting carbon monoxide fumes directly into the house. 

Using a grant from the Texas Foundations Fund, Hands on Housing staff acted quickly to install a new electrical system and an electric hot water heater, which alleviated the health and safety concerns in Marie’s home. And Marie could not have been more appreciative. Throughout the entire application and construction process, the Hands on Housing staff noted that her demeanor was one of patience, gratitude, and peace, and she always greeted them with a smile and a hug.

Jodi’s Story
Nonprofit Partner: The Women’s Home

Jodi was at rock bottom when she came to The Women’s Home, a supportive housing nonprofit in Houston. After developing an autoimmune disease, she had descended into a world of depression, anxiety, and alcoholism. She tried everything she could to recover alone, but nothing worked. Jodi knew she needed help and so she found herself at the door of The Women’s Home.

When she first arrived, even the smallest things were overwhelming. But thanks to a grant from the Texas Foundations Fund, The Women’s Home was able to provide Jodi with case management and other supportive services to help her get back on her feet. 

Today Jodi works for a small family-owned company that produces custom marble and stone pieces, a job she acquired at the suggestion of The Women's Home's vocational training volunteers. She enjoys the stability of the work combined with the relaxed family environment of the company. She still resides at The Women’s Home’s Jane Cizik Garden Place, which provides her with a beautiful affordable apartment and services to help her thrive in her new life.

After spending so much time in isolation, Jodi realizes now that she is not alone. She’s gained strength from knowing the other residents and has reconnected with her family.  She and her sister even went to see Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra speak in Houston, a deeply healing and empowering experience for both of them.

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Hi Gloria, thanks for your question. TSAHC’s Board of Directors will meet on Thursday, February 12th to consider approving the Guidelines for public comment.  If approved, TSAHC will send out an email on Friday, February 13th to announce the public comment period and disseminate the draft Guidelines for review.

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