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October 23, 2015 | by Michael Wilt

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TSAHC recently rebranded our direct lending program as the Texas Housing Impact Fund to better communicate the purpose and goals of our loan products to both developers and potential investors. The Texas Housing Impact Fund offers financing for the development, acquisition, or rehabilitation of affordable rental or homeownership projects across Texas, and it supports projects that create a higher quality of life for low and moderate income families.

Through the Texas Housing Impact Fund, TSAHC provides short and long-term loans to loans to developers seeking to build affordable housing, with an emphasis on empowering local nonprofit builders. Our loan products provide competitive rates and can be combined with other financing products to give developers the flexibility they need to create sustainable housing in Texas.

Texas Housing Impact Fund Loan Products

Permanent Financing Loans

Our permanent financing loan provides funds that can be used towards the development, acquisition, or rehabilitation of affordable multifamily projects. Loan terms and rates are flexible depending on the size, scope and specific needs of your project.

Construction Loans

We provide loans for the construction or rehabilitation of affordable multifamily projects or single family homes. This product is an excellent solution for a small project or as gap financing for a larger development.

Revolving Lines of Credit

With amounts similar to a construction loan, our revolving lines of credit offer the opportunity for construction or rehabilitation of affordable single-family homes. Funds are available on a revolving basis as homes are sold.

More Information About the Texas Housing Impact Fund

We encourage you to read the Texas Housing Impact Fund brochure and success stories about developments we have financed for more information about the program.

Interested in a loan?

We accept applications for new loans on an ongoing basis provided we have funding available. Read our Texas Housing Impact Fund threshold criteria requirements to make sure you are eligible, then call us to discuss your development plans.

Invest in the Texas Housing Impact Fund

TSAHC uses program revenue and private funding to provide loans to nonprofit and for profit housing developers, including grants, equity equivalent investments (EQ2), donations and program-related investments (PRI). Investing in the Texas Housing Impact Fund program will help TSAHC help a local developer create affordable housing. Get more information by clicking here.

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